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June 2021

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Heavy Networking 581: How Gluware Lab Brings DevOps To NetOps

You can roll your own network automation: some Ansible, some Python, a little digging into vendor APIs. Add a lot of persistence and a human or two that commit themselves to making your homegrown network automation work…and hey, maybe you’ve got something. Or maybe you end up with a fragmented set of tools and a motley collection of scripts and playbooks that help save some time and reduce error count, but it’s not a system. A better approach may be an integrated network automation system that works with other infrastructure tools in your org that lets you apply a DevOps workflow to network device management. You’ll also want version control, golden configs, a review process, and so on.

This episode gets practical with infrastructure-as-code with Gluware guests Olivier Huynh Van, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder; and Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing.

Listen to the podcast on PacketPushers Heavy Networking.

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