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Gluware PoC: Real-World NetDevOps: Build, Test and Operate IT Workflows with Gluware

See how NetDevOps is real and achievable using a drag-and-drop, no-code approach to build, test and operate workflows to automate processes in your infrastructure lifecycle management. Gluware provides a suite of no-code applications powered by an intelligent network orchestration engine supporting 30+ vendors along with the ability to integrate 3rd party APIs. In this POC, see how workflows can be built then run, scheduled or triggered for autonomous operations. A featured use case will perform drift detection and config remediation with ServiceNow approval integration and notification.

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ONUG CSNF Showcase- Gluware Enables Automated and Orchestrated Response to CSNF Messaging

ONUG CSNF Showcase: Gluware Enables Automated and Orchestrated Response to CSNF Messaging

The Gluware Intelligent Network Automation platform is able to integrate programmatically with the CSNF framework to enable action through automated or manual responses to events. Gluware can provide standard out-of-the-box event remediation including, for example, a config drift detection, config audit, config change, or a more sophisticated response like lockdown or segmentation based on the notification type. In this demonstration, Gluware will showcase a triggered audit and remediation of the network, along with an update to an AWS ACL blocking the bad actors’ IP address.

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ONUG Spring 2022 O&A Showcase Gluware Network Remediation with Kentik

ONUG Spring 2022 O&A Showcase Gluware Network Remediation with Kentik

In this demo performed for the ONUG O&A Showcase at the Spring 2022 event, Gluware showcased using Network RPA to perform autonomous network remediation. Gluware was integrated with Kentik observability solution which detected a network issue affecting Zoom and called Gluware N-RPA via a RESTful API call. The Gluware workflow ran a drift detection, then remediated the drift back to a good known configuration.

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Network-Powered Digital Transformation in Finance – Gluware Keynote

The future of financial services involves staying ahead of risks and enabling new business opportunities. Get insights and best practices from Shane Jenkins, Senior Director, Data Center and Infrastructure Engineering, First Republic Bank, on how he and his teams are using Gluware intelligent network automation to address key priorities including configuration management, vulnerability management, lifecycle management, compliance, enhanced security, lowered operational costs, and more.

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ONUG Fall 2021 – Keynote Presentation | Intelligent Network Automation Enables Rapid M&A Growth

In this ONUG Fall 2021 Keynote Presentation, Gluware CEO Jeff Gray welcomed customer Richard Evers, Director of Global Network Services of WSP, to share the story of how Intelligent Network Automation is helping this global leader in engineering professional services to address their rapid growth fueled by M&A. Learn how Gluware enables the company to address critical network requirements including enhanced security, enforced compliance, and lifecycle management for their dynamic multi-vendor, multi-platform enterprise network environment. Key lessons learned are covered including how to best identify automation use cases that are aligned to business objectives and the importance of seeking a vendor that will act as a long-term partner.

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ONUG Fall 2021 – Gluware Academy | De-risking Network Changes with Intelligent Network Automation

Kevin Cline, Gluware Director of Customer Success and Training and Alex Araujo, Gluware Solutions Architect demonstrate the Gluware suite of applications in action and how it can help prevent network outages. Experience how Gluware executes network lifecycle capabilities including network discovery, inventory, config drift, config audit, config management and OS management. After the overview of the Gluware suite, a demonstration of the working details of using Config Modeling to create and deploy Golden Configs is covered in two stages. First a declarative, static deployment of corporate “globals”, followed by an integration of dynamic content into that deployment. This enables users to avoid outages by blending specific business logic in a straightforward manner with the static blocks (i.e., Golden Configs) used by other solutions.

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ONUG Fall 2021 – Open Session | Top Ten Ways Gluware Network Automation Enhances Security

In this Open Session, Michael Haugh, Gluware VP of Product Marketing, describes how, as the global impact of network security breaches continue to grow in scale and scope, IT teams struggle to respond. Forward-thinking organizations apply many standards (including CISA recommended mitigation actions) to address the challenge and use the Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation software solution to quickly implement critical fixes and prevention techniques. Gluware’s intelligent, off-the-shelf automation software delivers the features, simplicity and reliability organizations seek today to manage their complex, multi-vendor networks and enhance their time to value. In this session, learn the top ten ways Gluware’s powerful layer of intelligence is used to automate the network to enhance security and prevent breaches and outages. Gluware offers a solution to automate critical tasks including device inventory, drift detection, network audits, OS upgrades and configuration management. See how companies in the Global 2000 are using Gluware for an intelligent, intent-based approach to automating their mission-critical networks.

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