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Intelligent Network Automation: Videos, Webinars and Tutorials

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ONUG Spring 2024 | Be Unstoppable


Pioneering the never-before-seen capabilities. It’s what Gluware product teams thrive on and what Gluware customers rely on.

Introducing – our exciting new ai-driven product line that makes networks smarter and more secure and takes enterprise networking to unparalleled new heights.

Leveraging Gluware’s proven intelligent network automation and artificial intelligence, we’re delivering groundbreaking capabilities that help customers achieve their most ambitious goals.

The future is brilliant. –>

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ONUG Spring 2024 | Gluware Keynote: Automation Essentials for Unleashing Innovation at First Citizens Bank

ONUG Spring 2024 | Gluware Keynote: Automation Essentials for Unleashing Innovation at First Citizens Bank

Banking relies on bold thinking, high-speed innovation and world class infrastructure. Join Jason Clark, Senior Director of Infrastructure Core Services at First Citizens Bank, as he reveals the essential strategies for using network automation to power ongoing IT and business innovation. From concept to execution, get a rare and insightful look at the best practices and lessons learned that Jason and his team are utilizing to remain ahead of the bank’s business needs.

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AI Networking Summit 2024

ONUG Spring 2024 | Gluware Triple-T: Gluware Co-Pilot for Network Operators – Exclusive First Look

Join Kevin Irwin, Senior Director of Product Management at Gluware, for a sneak peek of Gluware’s GenAI-powered co-pilot capabilities. The demos in this session focus on use cases most requested by network operators. Whether you’re remediating security vulnerabilities, preventing change-related outages, or reducing time-to-market for network services, Gluware’s turnkey intelligent network automation platform and AI-powered co-pilot make it easier to operate a smarter, more secure, high-performance network.

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AI Networking Summit 2024

ONUG Spring 2024 | ONUG Panel Discussion: Foundations of Private AI Infrastructure for Corporations

Join Jeff Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Gluware, Andy Brown, CEO of Sand Hill East, LLC, and Mike Taylor, CTO at World Wide Technology, for an ONUG panel discussion tailored for executives and professionals engaged in developing in-house AI capabilities within large corporations. This session will focus on the examination of the essential components required to establish a reliable, scalable, and efficient AI infrastructure. Topics covered will include hardware and software requirements, effective data management strategies, security considerations, regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, and cost management. This session aims to provide a structured framework for corporate leaders looking to build advanced AI infrastructure in a secure and controlled manner.

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An insider’s look at automation trends and best practices in enterprise networking

Join Tom Whaley, Chief Technology Advisor, World Wide Technology, and Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware, as they reveal intelligent network automation’s key trends and best practices based on industry-leading customer case studies. Prepare yourself, your organization, and your customers for network and digital transformation success with real world insights, outcomes and lessons learned.

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Gluware Proof of Concept: Automate a Cisco TrustSec Network Using Gluware

Join Tim Silverline, VP of Security at Gluware, and Olivier Huynh Van, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Gluware, to see how enterprises can accelerate their microsegmentation implementations, leveraging TrustSec and Gluware automation for the onboarding of network switches and wireless controllers. The pair will use a combination of API calls and network automation that builds an easy-to-use workflow to ensure the proper configuration is applied to Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) and to every network device to establish a baseline CTS environment. They will then demonstrate how Gluware can further manage the security group tag (SGT) lifecycle by creating a new SGT and validating propagation to the CTS network.

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