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Network Automation Tutorials​

Other Automation Demos

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Gluware State Assessment Demo

See how the Gluware state assessment capability can automate procedures for pre-checks, post-checks, and troubleshooting to simplify network operation processes.

Gluware Ansible Discovery Video

This demonstration will highlight how Gluware’s Ansible integration, including an inventory plugin and a module for Config Drift and Audit, can be highly complementary for enterprises who have invested in using Ansible playbooks.

Presented by Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing, and John Anderson, Software Architect. Recorded at Networking Field Day 22 in Santa Clara, CA on February 12, 2020. For more information, please visit

RegEx Utility Demo

This video will show you how to use the new RegEx utility first introduced in Gluware 3.7. Regular Expressions are used in several areas of Gluware including Config Modeling, State Assessment, and Config Audit.

GluAPI Tutorial

In this demo video, learn how to enable the Gluware REST API, GluAPI, how to pull up the documentation and how to exercise a number of calls. GluAPI enables programmatic interaction with your Gluware instance to integrate 3rd party software for inventory, triggering drifts and audits, config changes and more.